Add The Luxury Outdoor Features Of Your Dreams

Bridging the gap between your home’s features and your family’s enjoyment can create a multitude of benefits. Envision hot summer months spent dipping into your own crystal clear blue pool, or ending off a long day at work with a family barbeque to spend time with the people who matter the most. There truly is no place like home.

With a few effective transitions, you can transform your home’s exterior into an outside haven. By adding various luxury outdoor features you can transform your backyard into a timeless design feature that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

It is a value add all round. By remodelling your outdoor space, you can create a luxury feel which adds to your home’s overall aesthetic and simultaneously increases its overall value.

At Seacrest, we understand the importance of a luxury outdoor entertaining space and the value it can add to your home and to your life. With the right combination of versatile outdoor features as well as a unique design, you can create the perfect outdoor space ideal for spending quality time with the family.


Outdoor Luxury Kitchens and Dining

One of the main luxury outdoor features that come to mind when thinking of alfresco outdoor space is an outdoor kitchen.

Like their traditional counterparts, luxury outdoor kitchens create a space where families can come together. Whether you are spending a family Sunday in the pool or having a barbeque for your friends, an outdoor kitchen gives you the freedom to enjoy everyone’s company while preparing and cooking the food.

Every kitchen deserves love and attention as it is the place that much of your home life revolves around. No day goes by without the family spending time in this room, so why not create a unique outside area that is both luxurious and as functional as your traditional kitchen?

There is no need to be limited in terms of the design or appliances you can use in your outside cooking space either. As long as it is undercover for protection from the elements, the options are endless. You can still expect to be able to utilise fridges, grills, basins, garbage disposals and more.

In fact, there will be room to add exciting appliances such as a pizza oven or smoker that you would not typically house inside.

By adding these luxury outdoor features, you will be creating an extension of your living space. This will build in a natural flow between your indoor and outdoor living and entertainment areas, giving you the option to host your friends and family where it is most comfortable.

Create a Space To Eat Out In All Seasons

Enjoy a sophisticated dinner party outside with a view of the pool to enjoy Australia’s blissful summer evenings. Alternatively, cozy up outside with your guests next to the wonderful outdoor fireplace in winter.

Though many might say that summertime is the season for spending outdoors, with the right luxury outdoor features you will be able to cook and entertain, easily, throughout the year.


Well-designed luxury pools are a fantastic addition to any dream home. Not only is a pool a place for the family to come together on hot summer days, but a well-designed pool can also be a piece of art that contributes to and complements the aesthetics and value of your home.

During the summer months, it provides entertainment and a social space for the family to enjoy. During winter, enjoy the soothing sound of a water feature next to it or the illumination of lights in the clear water at night to provide a hotel-like feel.

The right pool design will transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis.  Your pool design can be anything from an infinity pool to unique shapes mimicking natural formations. Ultimately, modern design and technology guarantee your pool can be anything you want it to be. You can include luxury features such as unique indoor and outdoor pool transitions, cut-away sides, and landscaping and organic shapes.

By integrating your pool seamlessly with your outdoor area, you will create the perfect space for entertaining. By connecting your luxury kitchen to your pool area with seamless transitioning, you can ensure that you are in close proximity to your guests and family while preparing a meal.

No outside space is complete without a bar where you can entertain and spend time with your friends. With all your luxury outdoor features tastefully designed into one entertainment area, you can enjoy connecting with the people that matter and make lasting memories together.


At Seacrest, we believe that blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living creates a unique and luxurious atmosphere in your home.

By combining the calming elements of the outdoors with the everyday convenience of the indoor, you can create your own little oasis. An oasis that is ready for family gatherings and dazzling dinner parties.

Our goal is to offer you pioneering design and technology, to help you create an outdoor space that is suited to your family’s needs and lifestyle. We want to create a space that mirrors your home’s aesthetic while being innovative and unique.

By understanding your taste and preferences and combining them with our expertise, we can help you seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor life. Our team of talented experts will work side by side with you from start to finish, guaranteeing a unique state-of-the-art luxury outdoor area which is ready for you to entertain.


We are committed to creating luxury outdoor areas that are distinctive, creative, and most importantly, luxurious. We want your outdoor space to be as versatile and functional as your indoor space, allowing you to cook and entertain in the same way, with no effort on your part.

Our award-winning team has years of experience in the design and construction industry, and we have just recently reached 25 years of membership with the Housing Industry of Australia. Contact us today to help you add in the features which will create the dream outdoor area for your home.

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