Build Luxury With Extended Family In Mind

In today’s day and age, everyone is searching for their own kind of luxury. Whether it’s a guest room or bathroom, living space, or your entire home, Seacrest Homes will help you create a unique and luxurious space suited to you and your extended family.

With the busy day-to-day life of the average Australian, having a custom luxury guest room that is equipped with all the right resources is a must and can provide a wide variety of benefits to you and your family. We believe that your home is a space that should be enjoyed by your loved ones, for as long as they might need.

Whether it’s Grandma and Grandpa coming in for a few weeks or that family barbeque you’ve been planning with your out-of-town relatives, having space to accommodate them comfortably is a necessity and we want to help you create it.

At Seacrest Homes, our goal is to help you build the perfect space. Our contemporary solutions are customized to meet your every requirement. We truly believe that with the right design, we can create the perfect guest room for friends or family to visit for extended periods. We want to help create the luxury space of your dreams.


When creating a luxury guest room, it is important to know what you want and what will suit both your home and your guests perfectly. Here you will take us through your vision and help us better understand what you are looking for. At Seacrest, we believe that optimising the space and utilising it in a unique and effective way is crucial in creating a free-flowing, luxury guest room.

Having family living with, or visiting you, for longer periods of times can be great but can also mean that your space can sometimes be encroached upon. Living under the same roof can sometimes be hard… and that’s where we come in. We will ensure that the space meets your requirements, and allows your guests to move freely without intruding on each other’s privacy.

For your luxury guest room we have one thing in mind – space! We want to create a luxury retreat for your family and a home away from home. We will create a unique space based on your vision, including a luxury guest ensuite and a luxury bathroom. Our goal is to ensure your guests will feel right at home, whilst still maintaining your homes privacy and all round comfort and luxurious aesthetic.


With any home improvement, space is of utmost importance. To give you the luxurious feel you require, your space has to be used correctly. We understand that your home is where the magic happens. From sophisticated soirées to afternoon barbeques with the family, your home should embody your spirit and your love for family.


If you are someone who loves hosting, then let us create you a unique luxury dining room perfect for those dazzling dinner parties. And if you are a culinary whizz who enjoys cooking up a storm, let us create a dynamic luxury kitchen ideal for those family dinners where the guest list always seems to be growing.

We want you to be able to host your family and friends with ease, in a luxurious home ready for entertaining. Our goal is to understand you and your family to help create the perfect spaces needed to entertain them.


For those who enjoy outdoor time with the family, let us modify your outdoor spaces and create something luxurious for your family gatherings. We aim to create unique spaces that are ready to be used, no matter the occasion or the number of guests.

At Seacrest, we understand the value of family and the importance of spending quality time together. Our goal is to take your dream space and turn it into a luxurious haven fit for a king or queen. By working closely with you, we will help turn your dream home into a reality.

Seacrest Can Provide The Perfect Mix of Welcoming and Private in Regards to your Valued House Guests


Our award-winning company focuses on creating unique and dynamic designs, suited to your every need. We want to create a home that is the perfect mix of luxury and cozy, combining elegance with comfort. Ultimately, we want to take your dream home and turn it into a reality, creating something that will stand the test of time.

We will help you create a home that you are proud to invite people to, a luxury space that is made for chic cocktail parties and grand family celebrations.


We understand that while you want to host your extended family and friends as much as possible, you also do not want to lose your valuable private time with your immediate family. We truly believe that one should not be at the expense of the other.

Our luxury homes are created to incorporate all the unique aspects of open-plan homes while maintaining the privacy you are used to. Think en-suite guest bathroom or separate theatre so that everyone has the freedom to move around and enjoy the space without getting on top of each other.

At Seacrest, we will help you achieve that unique balance, modifying your home to tick all of these boxes. With our luxury guest rooms, your guests will have access to all the necessary amenities they need without having to constantly ask for your assistance.  This will enable you to host your extended family or friends at any time of the year, while still managing to maintain your day-to-day life and privacy with no disturbances.

Our goal at Seacrest is to help you find the perfect balance between comfort, design, and aesthetic. We want to take your vision and bring it to life, creating a luxury space that you are proud to invite your friends and family to.

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