Classic VS Modern Luxury Windows

If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then your luxury windows are an important feature of your custom home.

While luxury classic windows are known for serving as elegant, rich focal points in many breathtaking custom-build homes, luxury modern windows have the ability to melt seamlessly into the sharp and clean design of contemporary homes.

No matter your preference, Seacrest Homes will be able to deliver the perfect windows for your home.


Drawing from an infinite well of historic architecture, classic windows are often seen as an accentuating addition in admired, perennial home designs. However, they work just as well serving as a commemoration of past architectural styles in contemporary residences.


What truly sets traditional luxury windows apart is their strong affinity for larger frames. However, their size has also been known to affect the layout required to ensure adequate lighting and fresh air circulation.

In the past, designers would often insert more classic windows to ensure bright, open spaces. As a result, rooms would heat up at a rapid pace in summer months, leading homeowners to install multiple air conditioners in every room.

In modern times, we now have the benefit of enjoying both classic and contemporary window styles in equal measure. By effortlessly merging classic window designs with modern technological advances, you can still go for an ageless design without having to compensate with a high electric bill.

We now rely on scientifically backed architectural knowledge that has helped us to create superior glass solutions. These energy efficient glass products can help you to regulate temperatures in heavily windowed rooms with ease. So even if you are leaning towards a more traditional look, you can still enjoy the advantages of the 21st century.

Bigger window frames and mullions often seen in classic window designs are almost ornamental in nature. After deciding on a custom-designed wooden or metal framework, it is important to take your time when choosing the best accent colour for your window frames. When done right, this can significantly accentuate the exterior colour palette of your home.


Classically designed windows offer a broad range of appealing options. However, the most popular choice includes rambler, farmhouse or bungalow styled double hung windows.

Although double hung windows are also available in a more modern style, this design had humble beginnings which some people still prefer to this day.

Another favourite is Victorian sash windows which are often accompanied with a bow window display. This outward pointing window display can make for an excellent readers’ nook and centrepiece to your front lawn. For a unique accent piece, an antique stained window may be a suitable option.

As a covering for classic windows, contemporary curtains, light shades or heavy draping all adequately fit the bill. Filtering cellular shades might be able to block out most of the sunlight, but if you want to stick to a more classic style then light shades or heavy draping is more fitting.


Being quite large and mostly rectangular in shape, modern windows emanate a subtle elegance and gives off a broadening illusion that makes rooms appear bigger than they actually are.


Unlike classic designs, modern windows can also create a sense of unison between your immediate internal and external environment. The absence or minimal incorporation of mullions in contemporary window design allows for a truly transparent view which increases the overall spaciousness of your home.

Seeing as custom-built modern windows are larger in size, they often connect big areas to each other. This is especially evident when making use of sliding glass doors that act as a transparent divider between outside patios and living room areas.

The sheer size of modern windows allows for more light to enter a room. This significantly reduces the need for any number of windows and rather calls on strategic placement instead.

By being able to place windows so that they maximise lighting without increasing the room’s temperature, you can stay true to the contemporary and minimalistic style throughout your house.

A popular add-on that you can apply to all windows in your home includes window glaze and low-E coatings. Both of these modifiers will help your windows to reduce their heat loss. However, if you are more of a traditionalist then modern cellular shades will be able to accomplish the same task.


At the moment, floor to ceiling window displays are in high demand due to their sharp-edged style and ability to invite huge amounts of light into any room. However, if you need consistent lighting in a relatively big area then a skylight might be a better solution for you.

If you want to play around with your structural layout then asymmetrical window designs may be fitting. However, if practicality is on the forefront when it comes to your design priorities, then sliding windows will be able to give you more functionality.

Seacrest Will Guide You To The Correct Look And Feel For Your Classic or Modern Designed Luxury Dream Home

Whether you prefer the nostalgic ambience of classically designed windows, or the crisp clean lines of modern skylights, at Seacrest we deliver luxury custom windows to all our clients. Our team consists of leading experts who only utilise the best possible products for each project we take on.

In addition to excellent product sourcing, we also take your unique lifestyle and needs into consideration when mapping out the design of your luxury windows. By incorporating your ideas and recommendations into the planning and execution of your renovation or building process, we are able to work together holistically from the very first briefing.

If you are unsure where to begin, we can advise and provide you with a concept sketch right through to 3D visuals so you can zone in on what ultimately works for you. Contact Seacrest for expert advice or to arrange a quote for your unique design needs regarding modern of classic luxury windows.

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