I was ready to build, but what now ?

In what surely are unusual times indeed, you may have cause for some immediate concerns, but still looking forward to making progress on your new home plans for the future. While effecting social distancing and managing self-isolation for you and your family, make use of this time to do some research and begin the process of planning for your perfect next home.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper to create the absolute ideal custom home for your family’s needs on that perfect piece of Perth real estate can seem a little daunting at first. With a myriad of decisions to be made before you can provide a brief to give to your designer / architect, where to begin can cause some angst and trepidation. Our advice to would be firstly breakdown your needs in two separate categories.



This concerns practicalities like how many bedrooms and bathrooms, types of entertaining areas (indoor / outdoor / casual / formal), upper or lower floor living, potential for views, etc. This is a great place to start the process, because it’s all based on tangible needs. Put these thoughts down on paper and your design brief has begun.

While your Seacrest Homes designer / architect is an expert in putting together the final plan, they will need to take into account your individual requirements in order to resolve the perfect, complete solution to suit your entire family’s needs.



One of the major benefits of choosing custom design is the ability to make a mark with your own personal style, not just that of your builder’s choice. Researching at this time to identify personal likes, dislikes and style preferences helps your designer / architect in many ways to understand how the look and feel of your home will develop. You may have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” and this is no more relevant than when preparing for your luxury build. With vast catalogues of imagery available online (Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Google Image Search etc), you can easily create a personalised selection of images to provide a visual description of your style preferences when it comes time to sitting down (or tele-conferencing as it may be) with your designer / architect. Each image may only contain a certain item that initially caught your attention, but it all helps to describe to your designer (and clarify for yourself) how your home’s personality will evolve.

If Seacrest Homes can assist in any way with your pre-planning requirements at this point in time, then you will be much better prepared at the point when you are ready to make a conscious decision to move forward on your new home.

Contact Seacrest Homes today for any expert advice or assistance in preparing your plans for the future, or arrange a personal inspection of our Oasis Display Home at your convenience.

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