Keep Those Luxury Outdoor Areas Warm This Winter

With winter around the corner, you never know when those chilly days are going to start rolling in. Most people will assume that this is the end of their outdoor luxury alfrescos, and they now need to pack it in for the cold weather ahead.

Whilst the colder months can make outdoor entertaining a bit less comfortable, there are several steps people can take to keep their luxury outdoor patios warm and toasty during winter. Heating features are available and will see to it that outdoor soirees are not spent huddled inside.

We believe that fresh air can be enjoyed throughout all the seasons, it is simply a case of being properly equipped to ward off the cold. From outdoor fireplaces and electric patio and outdoor gas heaters, your outdoor area will be warm throughout the year.

At Seacrest, we are dedicated to creating luxury outdoor patios that are versatile and can be enjoyed no matter the season. Whether a hot summers day or a brisk winter’s evening, we want your outdoor space to be equipped and ready to go.

View of chairs by fireplace in patio of a modern home



Outdoor Fireplace

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of keeping luxury outdoor patios warm, is an outdoor fireplace. Not only do open fireplaces create a wonderful romance when entertaining guests but they also create a warm atmosphere, perfect for social interactions.

Fireplaces add that extra sparkle to all luxury outdoor patios, they are desirable features that people who entertain and have big families seek out when buying or renting. As an added bonus, once the fireplace is installed, they tend to increase the overall value of the property too.

In terms of aesthetics, they are usually designed to be the focal point of your patio, perfect for family gatherings or intimate dinner parties. Naturally, they come in an array of styles, whether it be a closed glass furnace, or large gas or wood fireplace, the options are endless.

When placed in an enclosed space surrounded by walls or canvas that keep out the bulk of the cold outside elements, you may even be forgiven for thinking that you are still indoors.

Professionally built fireplaces can be designed to complement the style of your home. With a variety of styles, colours and designs, you will not be limited when trying to keep your outdoor spaces warm this winter.


When looking for less permanent solutions to keep luxury backyards warm during winter, electric patio heaters may be a suitable option. While they may not be as aesthetically pleasing or provide as much warmth as an open fireplace, they are still effective.

Unlike fireplaces which are permanent fixtures, electric patio heaters enable you to select the areas of your outdoor space that you would like to heat.

The more basic units come in a variety of shapes, sizes and strengths, ranging from tabletop to free-standing and hanging.

For those who want something a little more advanced with a slightly sleeker look, there are advanced eclectic patio heaters that look like floor lamps, adding to your home’s overall luxury aesthetic.

Electric patio heaters are a good choice for those looking to find a portable heating solution on their luxury outdoor patios as they can be moved to exactly where they are needed. They are especially useful in situations where you want to entertain outside on short notice. Simply plug them in and place around the exterior as you see fit – your patio will be ready to entertain.

You can also find electric patio heaters that are designed to look very similar to fireplaces. Therefore, for those who want to maintain the traditional fireplace aesthetic with a more subtle price tag or less permanence of the feature, this is a solution. All you need is multiple outdoor electric power sources to supply the power, and you have a brilliant moveable source of heat for your winter gatherings.


There are now new ranges of stylish, high-intensity electric panel heaters that are becoming more popular. They are slimline heating strips which are created to blend in and match the colours of the walls or ceilings they are mounted onto.

Their luxury design is ideal for outdoor patios and alfresco dining areas where you do not want to lose space to heating elements and appliances. They do require some minimal hard wiring, so expert placement is crucial.

What is unique about heat strips is the fact that they can be placed out of sight. They are able to blend seamlessly into your home’s luxury exterior while providing your outside space with warmth.



The most common choice when heating outside is an outdoor gas heater.

Most outdoor gas heaters are portable and relatively easy to use once you have successfully connected the gas supply bottle. They burn a form of natural gas, ensuring your outdoor spaces are toasty during the colder months.

Gas heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including tabletop and floor heaters. This means that you are not limited in choice when selecting an appropriate heater to suit your outdoor space.

Depending on the size of your outdoor area, you may want to invest in multiple outdoor gas heaters. Once the warmer months arrive and you are done using your outdoor gas heater, you can move it into storage to maximize your space again.

Outdoor gas heaters are a popular choice given the wide variety of options available on the market. You will never be limited by size or style, allowing you to easily find one that fits your homes luxury look. Most have a healthy lifespan, ensuring that family and friends enjoy countless memories together in their luxury outdoor patios.

At Seacrest Homes, we focus on the permanent design solutions as that is our specialty. With a team of expert tradesmen and fitters, we can help you to conceptualise and bring your dream outdoor luxury patio and fireplace to life. Contact us for a consultation to design the space of your dreams.

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