Renovate vs Knock Down

Renovating your building brings the property around to a better state if its in need of repair or has been neglected. Typically, this would be small scale changes to fix issues or make non-invasive cosmetic changes.

Adjusting the electrics, or replacing tired carpets and repainting may be sufficient for a home that needs some attention and may be a good short-term solution.

Similarly, if the property holds heritage, historical value or character that you wish to keep, renovating and restoring the property to bring it back to life while enhancing its features will be the most appropriate direction. Sometimes, the building may actually be listed, which means its integrity is protected which limits the owners to restoring and renovation only.

Often, renovation is considered a less expensive option for homeowners as the layout of the property won’t necessarily be altered and if you have skills and time on your hands, this may indeed be the case. If you are happy with the layout, size and aspects, enhancing it cosmetically may be sufficient.

However, a renovation project that runs on may actually incur further costs and ultimately, working with a set room configuration gives limitations for achieving high-quality luxury builds.


Having to work around an existing footprint and shell means that the design is limited. Really, this means compromising on your dream home.

This means specific requirements and visions for luxury builds may not be able to be achieved to the high standard that was hoped for. This is because the property’s existing layout or structural requirements are limiting factors to achieving the desired end result.

For this very same reason, the design stage of a renovation when working with an existing layout can take longer. Ultimately this may make it more expensive than designing from the ground up.

Unfortunately, when renovating a home, some issues are hidden until work begins. It is only when previously unseen problems, structural issues or concealed features are uncovered that the costs are then added.

It is also important to consider the longer term return on investment. The upfront, secondary and hidden costs of renovation may not be representative of the house’s value after work has been completed. The investment into a property may not always be obvious from the renovation as it is often restoring it to a functioning home or improving it cosmetically.

A rebuild, however, offers more controlled costs and can make the best use of the plot and may significantly increase the value in the future.


These issues aren’t a concern when considering the luxury builds route. By starting afresh, there are a lot more opportunities and a lot fewer limitations to achieving your dream home.

It grants freedom. A new house can be designed by what you and your family’s personal needs and lifestyle choices are, and not dictated by the shell and layout of the existing house.

Knocking down and rebuilding utilises the full potential of the land it sits on.

For example, a very common initial step in knocking down and designing a rebuild is actually re-orientating the property in order to make full use of the area and what it has the potential to offer. Maybe the previous property didn’t face the best way to make use of the morning sun for an alfresco breakfast or the bedrooms faced a noisy road.

Often, rebuilding a home on the same plot will produce a larger home by looking at the plot and seeing the best use of its space and shape.

Cost wise, contrary to misconceptions, choosing to rebuild a home is often more cost-effective when considering the costs of a renovation which can often be unpredictable.

By knocking down and rebuilding the property, you can often benefit from a fixed cost project. By choosing Seacrest homes you will have all aspects of the project covered, from design and planning to the rebuild itself.


At Seacrest Homes, we specialise in designing, planning and constructing luxury ground-up builds, tailored to our clients’ preferences.

We offer custom knockdowns of existing properties for those who already have a house and can also source a plot that is right for you, our client. Our service and packages encompass all aspects of the knockdown and build, which means that you will enjoy a smooth and professional stress-free process.

We have a dedicated team that hold a wealth of experience and skills. We work with our in-house designers, project managers, and tradespeople to produce unique and high-quality luxury builds.

Whilst we can design from scratch, we also offer a portfolio of high-quality standard designs which are all customisable themselves. You can view these on our portfolio page here. Either choice offers our clients a premier service and luxury builds oozing style with attention to detail at its core.

Seacrest’s team are industry leaders with experience in luxury custom builds. We have recently reached 25 years of membership to the Housing Industry of Australia.

Being responsible for some of Perth’s most well regarded new homes, we have received many awards throughout this portfolio, which recognise our flair for design and polished final builds.

Contact Seacrest to explore what you can achieve by rebuilding your home to realise your dream.

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