The Perfect Luxury Bedroom

If you desire to create the perfect place to retreat from the world and escape the stresses of modern city living, a custom designed and built luxury bedroom in your next home could the answer.

Take some time to think about what that would look like. A spacious layout and attention to detail in every aspect. A peaceful, self-contained sanctuary. Effortless flow from one area to another. A tub to soak in or a shower with a view ? Mood lighting. A walk-in dressing room. Beautifully curated design elements, artwork and furnishings placed with considered intent.

All of these elements and more are possible, because designing your own custom luxury bedroom means you can have everything you need to create the private living space of your dreams.

If a supremely comfortable bed facing onto an intentionally-orientated view isn’t enough, imagine what you can do when you’re able to play a key role in designing everything else yourself?

All of this and more is possible if you have the vision. All you need is the award-winning team of designers and in-house craftsmen to assist you.



Spaciousness is a key part of the design of a luxury bedroom. A cramped, dark room is no place to escape the rigours of the daily grind.

However, we know that both openness and privacy are essential too, the trick being a careful balance of both elements.


With accents like lighting, you can create the ideal ambience for a quiet night spent reading in bed, or a romantic night spent luxuriating in the comfort of a warm bubble bath surrounded by soft lighting.

Consideration of combining soft mood lighting with task lighting for washing, dressing and make-up for example helps to provide the perfect complete lighting solution.

Achieving the maximum expression your own personal style is also something we have also succeeded in doing with all of our clients.

We know that a standard design or approach doesn’t work for everyone, especially when it comes to the intimacy of your own bedroom. All our clients have unique tastes and priorities, and lifestyle preferences can range from the quiet and sedate to the more socially-oriented. All requiring their own consideration.


Whatever your choice in style, working with the Seacrest homes team allows your dreams to proceed to the next level of contemporary sophistication. Working with you to build your perfect luxury bedroom retreat, an essential part of any home.

Starting with a blank canvas or any of our award-winning designs, we can combine yours and our ideas to create the perfect solution. Tip: a picture is worth a thousand words. Meeting with our designer with a scrapbook of images helps us to understand the look and feel of your vision. A lamp shade here, a throw rug there… It all goes into the mix to define your perfect space.



custom luxury bedroom may not be just about the interior decor, or the ensuite. It can also about the inter-leading areas and spaces that extend into outdoor areas.

Often, the dream includes waking up to the sunrise and a cool sea breeze coming in from the attached balcony, or looking out onto a splendid view in the comfort of your dressing gown, in complete privacy. Just the kind of bliss you should feel when waking up in your own luxury bedroom.


If you’re more interested in the kinds of technology you can include in the interior, entertainment also doesn’t have to be too far away either. With various ways to incorporate televisions and connected music systems throughout your home, you can extend your entertainment area to the comfort of your own bedroom too.

For many, the simple joy of relaxing in peace after a long day, browsing the latest TV series or blockbuster movie from a carefully concealed pop-up or drop-down screen in the privacy of your own personal luxury suite may fit the bill perfectly for evening down time or unwinding before bed.


With ample storage space and all of the items you could wish for conveniently placed within reach, you’ll be perfectly prepared to pamper yourself and dress up for a night out on the town.

An abundance of closet and display space for all of your clothes, accessories and other personal effects, completes your perfect luxury dressing room.


Our multi-award winning luxury home ‘Mirage’ is complete with automated blinds, hidden shelving, 18 head programmable shower system, concealed venting, no-touch door systems and more. Just some of the potential ideas for your luxury master suite.



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