The Perfect Luxury Kitchen

The perfect luxury kitchen forms the hub of a great home. It’s the space where everyone converges at a party, where the family descends upon to fuel up for the day, and the meeting point to discuss the days turn of events. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and there will be so many special memories made in and around it.

This is why we think that every kitchen deserves some luxury attention. As a room that so much of your life at home revolves around, shouldn’t it be as wonderful a place as it can be ? Never a day goes by without your kitchen being put to considerable use, so why not create a space that is as luxurious as it is practical, stylish and functional.

Creating your own custom luxury kitchen can be intimidating at first. You will need a solid understanding of what you need from everything. Here is our guide to help you to make your dream kitchen become a reality.


Some kitchens are purely functional spaces without love or special attention put into their design. With a little thought (and a bit of expert advice), a practical kitchen can also be a luxury kitchen with that extra level of attention to detail and sophistication.

Having a well-designed and thought out space is the first step to creating the gourmet chef’s kitchen / social hub of your dreams.


Deciding on your kitchen’s colour scheme and overall look can set the tone for the rest of your home. You will need to make sure that all colours, materials and surfaces compliment each other and work harmoniously together.

When planning your dream kitchen, think of how each aspect will work together. Will you be using timber or laminate? tiles or glass? natural or man-made benchtops ?

The different accents you finish your kitchen with will also need to be complimentary. This includes appliances, furniture, floors, and any other major focal point. Your luxury kitchen starts with smart use of accents.


Your kitchen needs to look good but it also needs to feel good. The layout and spacing of your kitchen design will set the entire feel for the room.

Today, kitchen layouts generally favour an open plan design. This helps to create an accessible space that really acts as the central hub of the household utilizing a well-placed island bench, often concealing the practicalities of a regular kitchen in a scullery space.

Where you place the different amenities and appliances in your kitchen needs to be done with some thought too. Researching the ‘kitchen work triangle’ is a practical starting point to understand this concept.

Figuring out your bench space requirements, the correct ergonomic height of cupboards and appliances, the amount of storage required and the distance between amenities will make a huge difference in your design. Ultimately it will change the way your luxury kitchen functions and feels.


The style of your kitchen often comes down to your personal taste. Whatever style you choose, it is important to match each component of your luxury kitchen faithfully to this style, setting the tone for the rest of your home.

Maybe you want to go for a clean, modern look, or for a more rustic, vintage style. There is so much room to style the space exactly as you would like, ensuring your colours and materials, fixtures, fittings, furniture and appliances are complimentary to your chosen style. Let your personal style shine through !


Once you have figured out the general design that you want, you will need to pay some attention to the smaller details. There are so many aspects that go into building a luxury kitchen, but understanding the devil in the detail is as important as the big ticket items.


Islands are an amazing way to add extra bench and storage space to your kitchen without completely closing off the room. If you are going for an open plan kitchen, then using an island to add some separation can do wonders for your room.

Your kitchen island will act as a space to prepare food, to eat, storing the most important kitchen accessories and appliances and many other essentials. The island really becomes the heart of your kitchen, so consider some nice comfy stools around it as you’ll probably spend plenty of time here.


A great kitchen requires a great all-round lighting solution. Often, the times you spend here will early or late in the day, so good ambient and task lighting is essential.

Firstly, focus on what kind of natural lighting you can get into the room. The more natural lighting that can be achieved, the better. By better design, you can avoid the kitchen being the deepest darkest corner of the house.

Natural lighting will always need to be complemented by appropriate general and task lighting, avoiding shadowing of work spaces and glare over more social spaces.

Your light fittings can become a major feature of the space. You can use lights to embellish the theme and feel of your kitchen, adding the finishing touch to your chosen style. There are many different options available and be sure to understand your colour and intensity requirements also.


Cupboard space has long been considered not much more than a practical necessity, but with clever thought and understanding of the possibilities, you can utilize every little nook available, by including the appropriate accessories.

Think about how your cupboards will open, what will need to go where, whether they slide or pivot, have handles or not, and what finish will achieve your desired look. Well thought out cupboards add a great deal to the end result.


There is a reason that Seacrest Homes are such an award-winning, well-respected company. We design some of Perth’s best luxury residences, fulfilling all our clients wishes along the way.

With a focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail and a dedicated passion for what we do, your dreams are our reality. If you want to take the kitchen in your next project to the next level, then Seacrest Homes can do it for you.

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