The Perfect Luxury Theatre

If you’re a fan of watching films at the cinema, you’ll understand why a theatre is a different kind of experience. Watching something on the big screen in the comfort of a reclining chair is just so much better than looking at small screens like a laptop or a small television.

But what if you didn’t have to go out to do this and could recreate a luxury theatre experience in the comfort of your own home?

Whether you’ve got a family and you’d like to create the perfect movie night for you and your loved ones, or you’re looking forward to a romantic date night, having a cinematic experience in your own home is absolutely possible.

It might not be something that the average home can offer, but with the right team of designers and quality craftsmen, incorporating a luxury theatre into your next home is an achievable dream.


There are so many different elements that go into the construction of an in-house luxury theatre. With our experience in designing a variety of indoor spaces, we can help you cover them all and create a comfortable space that you can look forward to spending quality relaxation time in.


Seating is one of the main features of a home theatre. Supportive and comfortable reclining cinema chairs in your choice of favourite materials are paramount. Even shopping for them is an indulgence !

Quality audio-visual equipment is also essential in this kind of space. Working with Perth’s best experts in the field, we can advise you on how to incorporate the latest in technology that is perfect for your space, your needs and your budget.

Our in-house craftsmen can also provide ideas on the best furniture and decor to create a sleek and uncluttered interior with consideration for room acoustics.


Spaciousness is another key element when it comes to designing and building this type of entertainment area. A public cinema experience can often only offer cramped, uncomfortable seating with minimal legroom and freedom of mobility.

In your own cinema, you can customise the space to sit where you like, or move around as you like. You could even take personalised design to another level and design seating arrangements to suit your own particular preferences.


Incorporating a custom luxury theatre into your own home doesn’t need to feel like a huge addition to your living space. With our expertise in designing tasteful and sophisticated homes, a home theatre can be integrated seamlessly into your overall concept.

We encourage our clients to express their own personal style and ideas in the design of all of their interior spaces, and this kind of recreational area is no different. See this as an extension of your living room, and a space that is even more comfortable and amenable to relaxing and enjoying a night in.



One of the things about going out to a public cinema is that you’re also limited in your choice of food and beverages. Of course, there are luxury private cinemas, but it’s still not the same as being able to eat and drink exactly what you want in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine being able to fix yourself and your guests their favourite drinks at your own cinema bar !

A custom luxury home theatre doesn’t have to be all about sitting quietly in the dark. With the right kind of design, a bar can provide you with an area for socialising within the same space.


Lighting is of the utmost importance when designing an in-house cinema space. Being able to switch between the darkness required for the film and the light needed before & after, helps to create the right ambience.

Other considerations can include bar lighting (if required), mood lighting and subtle step/ hazard lighting if you have tiered seating.


Nothing decent to watch? Setting up your home theatre with your preference of console is just one example of providing an active alternative for the whole family.

Instead of being buried in the study or taking over the living room TV, the use of your home theatre as a gaming or multi-media space is a practical alternative.

Many would consider a home theatre to be an under-utilised space and therefore, a want rather than a need. For today’s modern technological lifestyle however, the home theatre can bring together many modern forms of media for all the family to enjoy.

Seacrest are the perfect luxury home designers to bring you the best home theatre and multi-media experience you could imagine.

We have designed and built innumerable homes incorporating theatres, and our various awards and accolades over the years attest to our solid track record of on-point design and focus on customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on working together with our clients to meet all of their expectations, which includes creating enjoyable leisure spaces in their homes, like a luxury theatre.

Working together, we can build on your foundational ideas, incorporating this kind of living area perfectly into your own home design. All you need to do is share your vision and provide us with the direction as to your personal style preferences.

We’d love to help you create a fun and relaxing environment in your personal space, with all of the modern amenities you could ask for, now and into the future.


Get in touch with us to set up a private viewing of one of our show homes, so that we can provide a real-life example of what kind of experience we can create for you, in person.

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