What to Know When Building Your Custom Home

Why buy an existing house when you can build your own dream home? Building the home of your dreams allows you to design and create a space to perfectly suit your lifestyle, complement your neighbourhood, and fulfil your tastes. Being able to build your own luxury home is one of life’s most rewarding experiences as it becomes a pleasure that you will be able to enjoy day after day. When you start the process of custom home planning, you will soon find out just how amazing your home can really be. With the right luxury custom homes tips and expertise, your vision will become a reality with ease. Building a luxury home is no easy process. You will need a team that can execute in design, service, finish and expectations. You will need meticulous attention to detail, ingenuity and absolute quality in all areas. At Seacrest Homes, we have set the benchmark for this kind of standard in building luxury homes. With all that it takes to make your home a reality, here are some of our best luxury custom homes tips to know before you start the process.




In order to make your dreams come true, you need to have a clear vision first. Building your fantasy home starts with a dream. This dream is what we can turn into reality through the building process.

You need to be able to envision the home in your mind – what kind of design aspects it has, where it stands, how big it is, and how it feels. You need to be able to imagine yourself walking through the front door.

When it comes to luxury custom homes tips, having the dream clear in your mind is hugely important. This way we can make it happen.


Before you start to design your house, you will need to know where it will be. Finding the right block of land for your home can be challenging, but it becomes easier when you know exactly what you want.

Before settling on a site, you must understand what it is that your home will require. You will need to know how big you will be able to build, whether the land will allow you to build multiple stories.

It is also important to think about what kind of garden or outdoor space you will be able to get around your house. Access to the land that your home will be built on is also a factor to consider.


There are so many different elements which work together to create the ultimate design of your home. We can provide trusted luxury custom home knowledge during this process to ensure that the design becomes exactly what your dream has always been.

The design process starts with thinking about the spaces you want and how big they will be in order to accommodate your families needs.

You will need to think about the kind of materials you want your home to be made out of. Although typically, Perth has been a ‘brick and tile’ city, there are countless alternatives to suit your needs, likes and budget.

The layout and flow of the home, the outdoor spaces, garaging and orientation of living spaces to the sun are crucial elements to consider. Our quality consultants can guide you to achieve the look and feel of your home that you desire.

If you are looking for luxury custom homes tips, you will know how crucial a solid design process is. This is what will ultimately turn the home that you have always dreamed of into a reality.


Budget is one of the most key concerns people have when building a home from the ground up. Through our trusted expertise, we can help to fit your design into your budget without hassle.

There are so many different areas of the building process which can affect costs, and so planning around it properly is critical.

While overall size will be a major factor in your spend, the kind of materials you use and the level of specification you require will also play a significant part.

Understanding your lifestyle requirements is an important consideration before beginning the design process. You really don’t want your budget to affect the quality of your home, so you need a dedicated team who can expertly manage the design and budget process to work together flawlessly.

Knowing what you want is only part of the pre-design process. Understanding how far your budget will stretch to cover this wish-list is important to understand. As building your luxury home is an entirely customised experience, our team of experts can walk you through the process, maximizing your budget potential.


Once your vision is clear and the design has been set down on paper, it is time to start the building process. The builder of your dream home can make or break your custom home experience. Dealing with our experienced, multi-award winning professionals allows you peace of mind during what can be a complex building procedure.

At Seacrest Homes, we set the ultimate standard in designing and building Perth’s best custom homes. Our passion, commitment to excellence in service and satisfying our customers every need is evident in the beauty, luxury and complete sophistication of all our completed homes.

Our homes are all built with the highest quality standards in check. We ensure every project we take on showcases the kind of standards which one would expect from a top-class team. This is enforced through our all-around dedication and passion.

When it comes to luxury custom homes tips, the greatest one of all would be to work with a team that you can trust. This is why so many Perth residents living in luxury decided to use Seacrest Homes to make their dream become a reality.

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